Ann-Charlott Dahmke

Owner and Management


About us

Hoi, I am Lotta and this is my story.

In 2009, I left the big city of Hamburg for the idyllic Rhine Valley.

Working for renowned and international companies in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, I became part of a colorful, global and culturally mixed community.

A lot of time passed since then and a lot has changed. I settled down in Altstätten, started a family and have arrived in every respect.

Through exchanges with friends, acquaintances and colleagues who have moved to the Rhine Valley from abroad, I have noticed that the hurdles I experienced myself many years ago still exist. Moving the center of your life to a new country is not easy: different language, unknown rules and regulations, new environment, different school systems, and much more.

The idea was born to use my expertise, professional experience and cultural integrity to help newcomers get started in the beautiful Rhine Valley.

The Rhylocation team and I are looking forward to helping you overcome the first hurdles of everyday life – for a successful start in your new home.


Our services

We take care of everything that concerns your start in your new home:

We will also help you if you want to establish a company in your new home country:


We offer you, your employees and families support in all life situations when finding your way in your new home.

Expats & Families

Our goal is that you feel at home in your new environment. We advise and support you in all matters necessary for a good start.


No matter if you’re looking for an internship or a job change. In our package we offer everything to consider for individuals.

Establish a company

You would like to establish your own company? We will gladly advise and support you with our experienced team and have specialists ready for you.